Always Happy Landings

Bulky lugguage or unfriendly weather? Just let us know and we´ll be happy to assist you to get to the terminal or to your aircraft, comfortably.

For briefings and flight preparation you are wellcome to use our cosy lounge, equippted wit wlan, tv and pc. We offer assistance, should you need it, and if you are in for a short rest, a pilot room is at your disposal (please check with us for availability).

If you are interested to visit the historic Hanseatic city of Lübeck or the beautiful Baltic coast, take advantage oft he App2Drive car park right infront oft he terminal. For more information ask us or visit

Please note that wearing a reflective vest is obligatory on airside. If you don't have your vest with you, you are wellcome to purchase a unique Lübeck Airport pilot vest at the Airport Information/OPS.

The airport gas station accepts the BP Carnet.