Clubs & flight schools

Are you interested to conquer the skies? Or perhaps just fly-along? There are several opportunities awaiting you at Flughafen Lübeck.
Taking a round-trip along the Baltic coast or learn to be an flight professional.

Due to location and facilites, Lübeck is the ideal airport to get started.


FTO Nord

Professional flight training

Flugschule Hohensee

Professional flight training

Flugschule Lübeck

Become a pilot

Segelflugschule Lübeck

for future glider and ultralight pilots

Flugschule des Nordens

Gyrocopter, scenic flights and training

Aero Club von Lübeck

Gliding club with possibilities for motor glider flight

Lübecker Verein für Luftfahrt

for pilots and flight enthusiasts, club flight school