Discover Lapland in January

A journey into the Finnish winter

The tour operator vianova has recently activated the booking option for an unforgettable trip to wintry Finnish Lapland. This exclusive 6-day trip from January 2nd, 2025 to January 7th, 2025 from Lübeck to Kuusamo in the north of Finland offers you deep snow-covered winter forests, northern lights and much more. Included are 4 wonderful excursions, 15 more can be booked optionally.
Visit a reindeer farm, bathe in ice after a sauna, hike through the winter on snowshoes and experience an impressive dog sled tour.

And did you already know? Joulupukki asuu Suomessa. This is Finnish and means: Santa Claus lives in Finland, more precisely in the town of Rovaniemi. One of the bookable excursions will take you there, directly to the world-famous Christmas Santa Claus Village.
The trip can be booked here.

Photo credits: Husky's Northern Lights-©Cheryl Ramalho/ Glass Igloo Northern Lights-©helivideo/


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