Mit dem Heli fliegen

This summer there is a new attraction at Lübeck Airport: KMN Helicopter enables private sightseeing flights over your own city and the beautiful region with its enchanting Baltic Sea coast. A wonderful experience!

In the helicopter, the passenger sits directly next to or behind the pilot and can look over his/her shoulder at work. The low flight altitude and an excellent view to the outside invite you to marvel and take pictures.  A "piece of freedom" that can of course also be given as a surprise present for your loved ones.

If you would like to take off from Lübeck, whether for a sightseeing flight, a photo safari or a survey, contact

KMN koopmann helicopter GmbH
E-Mail: mail@kmn-helicopter.de
+49 (0)4126 / 38 90-3

Rundflüge - Hubschrauber / Helicopter - KMN Koopmann Helicopter GmbH (kmn-helicopter.de)

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