Radio Wellenrausch takes off at airport

Radio station goes live

Radio Wellenrausch

On 29 October, the new radio station Radio Wellenrausch, based at Lübeck Airport, will start broadcasting. This is not a random date, because on the same day the radio as a medium of listening celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The station will start with a soft opening and further expand its programming in the following weeks. The company was founded at the end of 2022 by a radio man and pioneer of private television, presenter Hans Meiser, as well as Dietmar Baum and another media man Harald Thoma.  After its founding, the media trio found a strong partner in Lübeck Airport. Since late summer, the offices and modern studios of the new radio station have also been located there. The station also already has a motto, as Managing Director Harald Thoma explains: "More information for the people at the seas."

Radio Wellenrausch is a private, commercial radio program that can be received in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg via DAB+ and IP Audio. The program wants to emotionally pick up its listeners with music in a good mood. "We offer entertainment for the whole family," adds program manager and co-owner Hans Meiser, "In addition, a wide range of popular current music is played as well as cool older songs."

Above: picture of Radio Wellenrausch founders: Dietmar Baum, Harald Thoma, Hans Meiser (left to right)

Jan-Ole Tamm
Leitung PR & Technik
Radio Wellenrausch GmbH
Blankenseer Str. 101, D-23562 Lübeck
Büro: +49 451 407092-0
Mobil: +49 151 56856292

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