Special tour Calabria - Oct 11th, 2023

Special tour Calabria -11. Okt. 2023

Excursions, hiking or simply relaxing: At the tip of Italy's boot, everything is just wonderful! The pleasant climate, the beautiful colors of the sea, sandy beaches and rocky stretches of coastline blend in with the wild, mysterious landscape far away from mass tourism.

From 11 October, we will fly non-stop from Lübeck to Lamezia Terme, a week in Calabria to enjoy.

Among other things, explore Tropea, the ancient Roman city "Tropis", and taste the famous Tartufo ice cream in Pizzo Calabro, probably the most beautiful fishing village in Calabria. An excursion inland to Zungri, further spoils with the typical culinary tasting of the country.   Active people can experience the original Calabria as a hiker's paradise in four guided tours.

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