Are You Travelling With Luggage?

Baggage at Lübeck Airport
Baggage at Lübeck Airport

Your Luggage at Lübeck Airport

At the airport of short distances, baggage handling is a piece of cake. Check in your baggage at the check-in counter in the departure hall. Short waiting times and the collection of your luggage directly in our arrivals hall make your journey easier.

If your luggage has not arrived or is damaged, please contact one of our staff members on the spot.

Baggage claim at Lübeck Airport
Baggage claim at Lübeck Airport

Luggage Regulations

Rules and regulations apply to both checked and carry-on baggage. Find out about the applicable baggage regulations when booking or at the latest before you start your journey. Batteries, power banks and laptops, for example, belong in your hand luggage. Please find the regulations of your airline under the following link:


These items may not be carried in your luggage.

Bulky luggage at Lübeck Airport
Bulky luggage at Lübeck Airport

Bulky Luggage

Are you travelling with sports or oversize baggage? Different regulations apply to this than to regular checked baggage. Therefore, it is handled separately at Lübeck Airport. You can check in your bulky luggage at the designated counter near the check-in counters before departure.

Please check with the according airline before you travel to find out about their regulations on bulky luggage and their packaging.

Lost & Found

Are you missing your luggage or was it damaged during your trip? Important: Please report to the Lost & Found counter immediately after landing. This is located right next to the luggage belt. Otherwise you will find us at the airport information in the check-in area.

You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)451 3171 3290

and by email: Lost & Found.

Lost Items

Are you missing an item that you might have misplaced at Lübeck Airport or on the plane to Lübeck Blankensee? Or have you found an item on the airport grounds that you would like to hand over? Please contact our airport service staff during our opening hours to clarify any questions you may have and to discuss the requirements/conditions for pickup. You can find these in the check-in hall in the terminal building.

Legal basis: Section 978 of the German Civil Code (BGB) applies.
Items found and handed in to us will be stored by us for a period of 6 months.

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