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Terminal of Lübeck Airport
Terminal of Lübeck Airport

Our Terminal

The light-flooded terminal offers passengers enough space and a pleasant ambience for waiting, strolling through the shop or visiting the bistro. It was already completed in 2020, before air traffic at Lübeck Airport picked up again.

Our Administration Building

In the next construction phase, the airport administration building was rebuilt. A taller building was erected on top of the gutted structure. The topping-out ceremony was celebrated on 26 April in a stiff breeze. The new tower is located above the office floors, which also house a congress centre for 400 people. A restaurant with a winter garden is being built in the lower part facing the air side.

Aiport Lübeck from the view of the airside
Aiport Lübeck from the view of the airside

A View From the Airside

Viewed from the apron, you can see the three identical hangars that now form the departures area, the baggage handling area and the arrivals area (from left to right).

All are bright, spacious and well equipped. The disembarking guest can immediately feel welcome here.

Rebuilt Hangar at Lübeck Airport
Rebuilt Hangar at Lübeck Airport

The Converted Hangar

To gain height, the steel beam originally found inside the hangar was moved outside. There is now enough space in this large hangar to accommodate two larger aircraft. The hangar is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offers the aircraft mechanics the opportunity to carry out their work warm and dry. Another advantage: aircrafts housed here in winter do not have to be de-iced before take-off.

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