No-Fly Zone

Drones are becoming increasingly popular - but aviation safety remains paramount. Proper handling of drones around airports is crucial to avoid hazards and prevent incidents with private drones. Therefore, special airborne control zones apply around airport premises.


The Control Zones around Lübeck Airport

A legal no-fly zone applies within a radius of 1.5 kilometers around the airport grounds. As a result, drone flights are generally not permitted here. Within the control zone, the drone flight always requires approval from local air traffic control. Flights at an altitude of more than 50 meters within the control zone are generally not allowed.

The German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, together with German Air Traffic Control, has developed the Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation, which brings together all the relevant information for unmanned aviation and thus for flying drones.

Information on unmanned aviation -

There you will also find an interactive map with all areas in which flying a drone is only possible under certain conditions.

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