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He comes at night. He sneaks through a hole in the fence.

And he is very welcome! The hole in the fence is made especially for him. It has given way to an installed concrete pipe. So the wild boars have to stay outside.

We are talking about the fox.

The fox prefers to stay at the airport in Lübeck at night and is a welcome visitor. For several years, a pair of foxes has regularly stayed on the 120 ha (1,200,000 sqm) site in the Lübeck district of Blankensee.
Almost every year there are offspring with the fox family. The young animals, however, soon look for their own territories to secure their food.
The "airport foxes" perform an extremely important activity: Hunting small mammals, e.g. mice. If there are fewer mice in the airport area, there are fewer birds of prey here, which spy out their food while standing in the air to swoop down on the prey.
The birds of prey, in turn, pose a threat to flight operations. Bird strike is one of the most common causes of accidents.
Thus, natural accident prevention takes place here. Species conservation and regulation in the region are not affected.

Environment at the Airport Lübeck
Environment at the Airport Lübeck

There is Much to do Here

The environmental engineer and master of wastewater technology, Martin Rödiger, is responsible for all environmental issues at Lübeck Airport.

There is plenty of work for Rödiger. Currently, the new green space maintenance concept of Lübeck Airport is being coordinated.

The task of developing and implementing such concepts was previously coordinated with the middle nature conservation authority.

There are many rules and regulations for Lübeck Airport. For example, in addition to other plans of the planning approval, the so-called landscape management plan regulates exactly which qualitative and quantitative goals individual measures have to pursue in order to keep the impact on nature as low as possible and to compensate for it in an appropriate manner.

The Heath is in Bloom!

Every year, between August and September, the heather blooms in the north.

Here at the airport, too, various areas are bathed in the beautiful violet, which is hard to get enough of.

The rather nutrient-poor and sandy soil of the region nevertheless gives this plant enough nourishment to delight us every year.

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