Lübeck Air first flight to Stuttgart (FLIGHT REVIEW) (Kopie)

Welcome to the very first flight of Germanys newest airline Lübeck Air from Lübeck to Stuttgart. We've been able to try their new service and want you to join us on our flight. Enjoy! (flight time - youtube.com)

Then you can now refuel with AvGas UL91

Pilot - Info

Since November, you can refuel with unleaded AvGas at Lübeck Airport

From now on the special aviation fuel UL91 is available at the airport Lübeck.
The modern fuel, which was developed especially for the aviation industry, offers various advantages.



We aim at resuming the scheduled and chartered air traffic in order to further develop Lübeck and the region. The destination Lübeck will again be within reach and our passengers will benefit from interesting connections.

In mid-December 2018, the Airport Lübeck received legal certainty for its development and building intentions.

This has put an end to a waiting time of almost 10 years. Now the long-planned measures can be taken so that the resumption of scheduled and chartered air traffic can finally become a reality.