Technical data

Coordinates (ARP): 53° 48′ 19.32″ N, 10° 43′ 9.2″ E
Position: 7 km south of Lübeck city centre
Runway: 1 (direction: 07 /25)
Approach procedures: Piste 07 ILS CAT II; Piste 25 ILS CAT I
Runway length: 2.102 m x 60 m (6.896 ft x 197 ft)
Fire protection class: See NOTAMs
Slots: No airport slot required
Apron positions: Narrow and wide-body + various, general aviation
Number of terminals: 1 (arrival / departure, separated areas)
Check-In Counter: 6
Number of gates: 2
Operation hours: PPR possible (please observe opening hours)
Opening hours: Mon/Tue/Wed/Sun 6:30am - 9pm * Thu/Fri/Sat 6:30am - 10pm * local time
Controls: Control zone active during the opening hours
Turn-around times: Low-lost: from 25 minutes; Charter: max 45 minutes
Air traffic control radar: Secondary radar
Friction tester: Available
Follow-Me Service: Upon request, via airband / tower
Customs clearance: Possible (2 hours PPR)
VIP-Service: Possible (incl. lounge)
Runway de-icing: Yes
Aircraft de-icing: Types I + IV
Air starter: Yes